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Hello Waitress, what made you end up here?
I know you might ask the same question, well I came here to fill my need, but I failed.
I thought about these body's pleasures, I thought about my stain soul, then about the tears behind your make-up.
Sit on my table before is your turn to dance & undress yourself for the crowd, Before anyone else calls you for the night.
100 men come here each night
100 hands touch your body
100 men expect you, the entertainer
100 men wish you for the moment
But all I want is for you to put on my coat, the night is cold.
Whatever brought you here never told you there was a better place than this.
You are a message on a white page that was placed inside an envelope but the messanger delivered you in the wrong address then the reader spilled ink on you.
Forget your past, there's a white horse outside waiting for us & tonight's 100 men will leave empty handed home. 

I guess the title says it all, there's not much to explain.  In a whore house, where men go and satisfy their body's desires, but it all comes to a point when you feel so empty and you realize that you need to go back and fill your need over and over again. It has no satisfaction, but Jesus said that whoever drinks from the living water shall thirst no more. Christ is the only one that can fill you completely and no one or nothing in this world can satisfy you but God because he's the living water.  The thing about this is that Jesus doesn't want to take away your bad habits or addictions, he want's to have a personal relationship with you and when you do all those thing will dissapear because you won't feel any need for them, because then you'll be drinking living water.