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Friday! November 18..I think?
I got bronchitis so we could play our show.........
....I never got sick and we never planned out any show, we are preety slow. We might not be doing much with our music but we are growing spiritually(at least for me) I guess this last months I have learned a lot from The Bible and about God and about "The Apocalypse this way comes and it wont remain silent" ....life is preety good if you know why you're living and what's gonna happen when you die. I was talking today with my dad and he told me about his experiences as a believer of the Word of Christ, we talked about God. Him with his words and me with my silence, all I said was "I....sometimes feel the same" but I really love him even with all his mistakes(common we're humans) He wont let me carry heavy things because my bellybutton hurts and he's afraid It could be a hernia, but I won't die soon I'm shure. There's a purpose for my living and I don't think that purpose has been done.

Saturday, September 17
I can't remeber the last time  we practiced but we need to get working fast. There's some lyrics already, check them out and sign the  guestbook and comment, but we promise music before the end of the year.

Thursday, August 25   we are living, we are breathing.
Hello dear visitor, we haven't up-dated this website in a while because there's not much going on with us. We've been practicing less now.In the total time we have been together we have practived about 5 songs. I guess we're just gonna stick into those and arrange them. We're not rushing, taking our time and make things sound decent. Hopefully we will atleast record a demo before this year ends. Because we need to get our music out there already.....we'll come visit us again sometime. 

Sunday, August 14..........another stone in the way
   You know when you have something planned out and then things don't come out the way you want them, well it's always like that so get used to it!!! No, just kidding. We didn't really made our budget that we planned out, so now is gonna take more time play shows and record. We still need to work on our stuff anyways. My sister wants to go for a demo but I would like to go for an EP better. It'll take time but hopefully God helps us, because we really need him.

Saturday Morning, July 29 2005 ......ready for a hardcore show
    Hello dear friends, It has been a preety slow week but is a hardcore weekend now. We didn't practice together, we just practiced by our own so next time we meet we have a lot of stuff to show each other. We went to church on wednesday and hopefully we all go again next wednesday. Tomorrow we are going to the Whisky A-go-go to see BLINDSIDE(#1) The SHOWDOWN(MEATL!!!!!) and showbread(we don't like them that much) is gonna be HHHHXXXXCCCC. If you want to receive our newletter sign our guest book or join us at www.myspace.com

Sunday,July 17, 2005...Beautiful Afternoon.....
    Hello, dear visitor.I just checked today and so far this month we have 99 visitors. That's preety awesome, now I don't feel like I am just talking to myself. Last friday we practiced with a new guy, his name is Uriel and he's preety good playing guitar. He teached us some stuff and helped us improve a new song we're coming out with. He was really patient with us. We hanged out yesterday with him and also went to church with him last wednesday. Hopefully he stays with us. Hope you can go see our friends LIFTED this comming friday.

Tonight is July 12 2005........suave.........
Hello, anyone who came to see our website. We would like to hear from the people who visit us online. We will try to put a guest book and put our instant messenger IDs so we could chat about anything you want to talk about. We are still working in our music and jobs. We are gonna go to our Buddy Band show they are named LIFTED so come check them out and we could meet also. Check the "Performances" page for more info.

Today is July 2nd 2005..we're getting old....

AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! We are really tired, we been working in our jobs full time and in our music also, but oh well, that's the life of none rich musicians THAT ACTUALLY HAVE TO WORK FOR THEIR INSTRUMENTS AND EQUIPMENT AND NOT JUST ASKING THEIR PARENTS FOR MONEY!!!,We want to record our demo before summer is over, we have about five songs to work on and fix. We are also gonna have some acoustic versions, instrumentals, and solo stuff from us. So hopefully we record it before we fall in September.

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